Learn Piano From the Comfort of Your Home

We offer piano lessons with a live teacher through online video conferencing. Get the benefits of the eyes and ears of a live teacher over an online video feed. Using a laptop, a webcam, and the internet, let us help you learn and love piano. We can help suggest the equipment and tools for video lessons. Not close enough to our studio to take lessons from us? Stop worrying about distance, traffic, and travel times. Begin piano today.

Also, with every lesson recorded and a video link sent, you can watch and re-watch lessons to review and learn more. Watch your own hands and fingers as they play. Listen to your songs and performance. Double check instructions and tips given in your lesson.

Unable to get home in time to take your kids to lessons? With video lessons, your children can learn from the safety of home, and you can know everything that is going on through the video recordings. Let them learn from our unique teaching style. Let us excite your children about music and the piano.

Schedule your first lesson today!